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The revolutionary packaging solution that blends artistry with functionality, elevating your brand to unprecedented heights


Strata stands as a unique concept imagined and crafted for beverage makers and luxury venues, enabling them to delve deeper into customer service by crafting unparalleled experiences and articulating their brands in extraordinary ways.

DFC Avant Garde Bottle Adornment PINK -  Pantone 219C
DFC Avant Garde Bottle Adornment FR Flag
DFC Avant Garde Bottle Adornment RED
DFC Avant Garde Bottle Adornment BLUE
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Perfect for high-end liquors like Champagne, Whiskey, Vodka, and even premium water brands, or cosmetic or accessories companies STRATA is designed for those who want to make a statement. It's ideal for luxury brands seeking to elevate their product presentation.

Inspecting Jewels

It's all about you

Each detail tells your story

STRATA is envisioned to create a ceremony around your product. Imagine your customer’s delight as they unbox a bottle of champagne or whiskey, not just opening a package, but engaging in a memorable experience.

Start building your legacy

Strata is available worldwide, ask us for a quote

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