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We create your story

Centered on you and your clientele, Strata transcends being merely a finely crafted shrine; composing with an array of materials, intricacies, and decisions, from brand strategy to artistic prowess, aimed at elevating your narrative above all else.

- Charles Darius

Our Services

A testament to your brand's commitment to excellence

Design Service

Creative & Unique

STRATA is a concept, you can either use our design and customize it to integrate your brand strategy or with our Design & Engineering Team, we will create a unique design to encompass fully your brand strategy and create collections you can release like your own Haute Couture Collection.


Professional Touch

STRATA offers an extensive range of materials including polypropylene, marble, gold, aluminum, glass, and more, ensuring that your product not only stands out but resonates with your brand's unique ethos.

Customization at its core

We make it yours

Every aspect of STRATA can be tailored to your needs. From the size and shape to the finer details like engravings, lighting and automation, your packaging is crafted to be as unique as your product.


A true engagement to Luxury

For brands committed to eco-friendliness, STRATA offers sustainable material options, blending environmental responsibility with luxury.

Grow Your Vision

Contact us and setup a meeting with our Team

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